Today, solidarity is needed more than ever, and we must work together to achieve this. 


During these uncertain times, key workers, everyone self-isolating around the world, and the most vulnerable are concerned about the current situation. Many have lost someone they love, others are fearing the upcoming economic crisis and there is a significant increase in people suffering from mental health issues. 


We also live in times not only unsettled by the COVID pandemic, but by current issues of discrimination and systematic oppression, as well as concerns about climate change worryingly waking up again. 


Even though many of us are currently unable to physically stand together, and concerns about the upcoming economic crisis and increasing societal issues are common, we still can contribute with a positivity boost for everyone as a united community - for it is only within this solidarity that we truly find hope.  

To share our solidarity, we've decided to launch the 'Solidarity For All' Awards in partnership with Belgravia Gallery, the Gandhi Foundation, PeaceDay365, Bristol Students Union, Emmanuel Jal, Marta Gomez and the mental health charity This is My Brave.

Regardless of physical boundaries, let's be constructive, creative, and show the world our solidarity with what we can create during this month!

Artists, non-artists, families: All World Citizens are invited to test their creativity! 




Awards recipients will receive a World Citizen Artists Digital Award and be featured, along with a news story, on Artist Voices and on the World Citizen Artists' social media channels.

The Music Award recipient will be invited for an interview and perform live across all World Citizen Artists' social media channels.

The Visual Art Award recipient will see his/her Art piece exhibited on the Belgravia Gallery website.

Awards recipients may be offered a World Citizen Artists Ambassador’s position and other opportunities in the future.


Deadline for Submissions: June 26, 2020


The Gandhi Foundation promotes nonviolence egalitarian economics, simple lifestyles, grassroots democracy, tolerance and pluralism and respect for animals. Gandhi is one of the most significant figures of modern times. He began as an insignificant individual with no particular talents and gradually became a remarkable human being. He considered that everyone has the potential for ethical and spiritual growth, and that community is the most effective basis for our development. Gandhi’s ideas have a relevance beyond his own time. His approach was holistic and evolved through experience. The foundation organises annual events, such as the Multifaith Service, Summer School and an Annual Lecture.  Each event promotes unity and the bringing together of multiple faiths, backgrounds and nationalities, demonstrating the continued relevance of Ghandi’s teachings. 

Belgravia Gallery: One of Europe’s leading art galleries, it regularly features the work of renowned artists such as: Picasso, Andy Warhol, Matisse, HRH The Prince of Wales, Nelson Mandela, Sir Peter Blake and other celebrities. Belgravia Gallery is based on Maddox Street in the heart of the art district in Mayfair, between Regent Street and Bond Street. The gallery’s ethos is to be professional, welcoming and approachable and has a strong emphasis on art for charity, particularly on raising funds for The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust. 

Bristol SU is The University of Bristol Students' Union (known as Bristol SU). It is among the oldest of the UK students' unions and was a founding member of the National Union of Students. Bristol SU runs over 330 societies, sports clubs, groups and support networks.

Peace Day 365 is a bridge between NGOs, corporations, schools, individuals and the United Nations to bring awareness of Peace Day celebrated annually on September 21, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global citizenship education. Working with UN departments and inter-departmental agencies, PeaceDay365 brings strategic partnerships combined with local and global SDG and global citizenship education efforts while building on a prominent youth-led platform that includes highlighting innovation, culture and artistic achievements of member states.

Emmanuel Jal started his life as a child soldier in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan in the early 1980s. He overcame a huge number of struggles to become a successful and acclaimed recording artist and peace ambassador. Emmanuel's greatest passion is his charity which he founded in 2009 Gua Africa which supports those affected by war and poverty from South Sudan and has trained and educated South Sudanese refugees to becoming first-class professionals in medicine, law and education.

Marta Gomez: Grammy-Award winning singer-songwriter from Columbia.

This Is My Brave is a live presentation of touching essays, original music, poetry and comedy performed by a dozen individuals living with – or loving someone with – a mental illness. Shows are held in cities and towns across the United States, as well as in Australia.

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