They believe that everyone can change the World staring with...Small Gestures.


They have created a video that touched the hearts of millions. They are being awarded for Changing the World through Creativity. Through small acts in daily life we not only make people happy but also create a positive experience, surprises and more humanity. We do not just talk about it, we do it! In short:


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"We spread Japyness"


It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are or what religion you belong to. Our actions focus on the people. You can take part in it with very simple means and become part of our community. A good deed not only makes the helped person happy but also the person who is helping. Doing good makes happy. No single person can make our world a better place in just one day. But the sum of many individual acts has the power to set the wheels in motion. Let’s ensure more humanity together!

WCA regularly nominates Awards recipients as a recognition of their great humanitarian work. 

RECOGNITION: WCA is always searching for the most unusual artists and projects who will make history in the humanitarian World for this generation and generations to come. Artists who are awarded by the non-competitive awards are being recognized for their unique art piece or song that touches millions of hearts.