Jal visits schools, universities, and communities worldwide as part of his 'We Want Peace' educational tour, and is involved in numerous other humanitarian projects. He was honored by Ban Ki-moon at the UN for his peace efforts in South Sudan in December 2013.


Emmanuel believes “peace is justice, equality, and freedom for all,” and he has dedicated his life to creating more peace and solidarity in this world.

WCA regularly nominates Awards recipients as a recognition of their great humanitarian work. 

RECOGNITION: WCA is always searching for the most unusual artists and projects who will make history in the humanitarian World for this generation and generations to come. Artists who are awarded by the non-competitive awards are being recognized for their unique art piece or song that touches millions of hearts. 

Born into the life of a child soldier, Jal has defied all odds to become an influential recording artist, actor and activist. He launched a renowned campaign to create global consciousness supported by well-known figures including Peter Gabriel, George Clooney, Richard Branson, President Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan and more.

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