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There are many benefits to having a World Citizen Artists membership, and we think the biggest and best is your invaluable contribution to a more tolerant World. Your support allows us to campaign for human solidarity and build a brighter, more creative future.
Be proud of yourself for JOINING a community that is preparing the new generations to think 'World'.

Welcome to the World Citizen Artists Family

In a few weeks, you will receive your membership banner which you can use on your exhibition/concert/events posters, social media profile and on your website.

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By having your membership banner associated with your name, you will be identified as part of the World Citizen Artists Family and part of those who are supporting our vision. You will be able to use your membership banner on your artist/Non-profit organisation on your website and social media profiles so you can connect easily with other World Citizen Artists online. WCA is currently assessing whether to run regular online conferences and meetings for members - to be confirmed during 2020. 


Please note that artistic events / or fundraising activities involving the use of the WCA membership logo for its publicity must be approved by WCA. Please read our FAQ 'partnership' section to find out more.

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As a member, you will keep receiving our general newsletters and you will also receive our members newsletter. Additionally, you will receive the latest updates regarding our team and new activities/competitions/events we will be launching in the future, without having to sign up.

Lifetime Membership

Did you know your World Citizen Artists membership $25 minimum fee covers a lifetime membership? This may change in the future due to the costs associated with funding any organisation, so join now to reserve your lifetime membership option.

Thank you for joining the World Citizen Artists family!