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We are at a crossroads of history, where the decisions that are being made now will have a lasting impact on our future. As a global movement, we are committed to advancing our knowledge and understanding of the world around us so that we can effectively guide humanity through this pivotal time.

What was once considered science fiction is becoming reality. The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and so are the issues that face. We must find ways to collaborate and build together.

It is our mission to accelerate meaningful action and positive change on global issues by eliminating the barriers of cultural, social, and political differences while equipping artists and the next generations with knowledge and exposure so they can impactfully raise awareness within their communities and beyond their borders.​

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We all need each other to succeed as individuals and as a global society. In order to succeed, we must be able to work together. We must build a shared infrastructure and a shared history. We must learn from each other's successes and mistakes. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a culture of collaboration, but without it, we have no hope of building a better future for ourselves and our next generations.

We need to share the challenges societies face nowadays and co-create solutions for these problems. 

By joining the World Citizen Artists Community, you will be first informed of all World Citizen Artists meetings, events, and exchanges. 


You will also receive the WCA digital badge proving your membership in the community. You can place this on your website, social media accounts, posters, etc. 

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Additional Benefits

  • We are happy to support those who contribute to a better world. This year we will give special support to our members

  • Each of our members is entitled to publish one guest post a year on Artist Voices.

  • Your name will be listed in the contributors' list on our website as long as you are a WCA member.

  • Members occasionally get the opportunity to be included in our podcasts and events. Once you become a member, email us with the topics that interest you (e.g., climate change, human rights, peace, health, poverty, etc.) and we will contact you if an upcoming podcast fits your interest.

  • You will have access to membership meetings in addition to general WCA meetings.

  • Member collaborative projects approved by the WCA will be supported by us as follows:

 - You will benefit from a free review and correction of your project presentations (maximum 2/year) before submitting them to potential sponsors, and receive free suggestions for improvement.

 - We will provide our WCA logo to selected members' projects so that you can show your partnership with WCA in any approved project presentations (that have been approved by WCA).

- We write an article on our website about selected members' projects, and the article will be featured on our social media channels.

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