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Global Community-Led by Artists and Students


We're creating a new approach to the world's wicked challenges - through publications, podcasts, events, exchanges, and other opportunities that leverage socially engaged art and education.

The World Citizen Artists' mission is to accelerate meaningful action and positive change on global issues by eliminating the barriers of cultural, social, and political differences.


We connect socially engaged Artists and the younger generation to global issues with real-world experienced nonprofits, experts, and leaders - Our aim is to inspire constructive thinking to help accelerate meaningful action - by being a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, and multigenerational community.

Our Values

World Citizen Artists Members agree to abide by the principles below and report any breach of them to help protect the reputation and work of World Citizen Artists and our community.


Assist and promote social and humanitarian issues.


Treat each other with respect, decency, and honesty.


World Citizen Artists refute violence, racism, nationalism, ethnic or national discrimination or aggrandizement, religious proselytizing, gender discrimination, and any form of intolerance. We, therefore, engage in trans-national discussions that do not single out specific nations, religions, or cultures.


Engage with WCA for the community and public interest.


World Citizen Artists engage in solidarity, not self-promotion inside WCA.

In order to work effectively on our mission and to make a social impact as a priority, we reserve the right to exclude anyone from our community, publications, awards, and events who we believe infringe our values or degrades the spirit of the community either directly or by association. The decision to exclude is solely at the discretion of World Citizen Artists.


I Love this!

“Greatest initiative in our lifetime at the current state of the direction the World is taking.”

Our Campaigns

Climate Change - Peace - Human Rights - Poverty - Mental Health - Education​

Our Activities 

Events & Podcasts

We regularly host virtual events and podcasts that include socially engaged art and education. Occasionally we partner with existing physical events. 

Artist Voices

We regularly feature dedicated artists on Artist Voices. We only select artists who address social or humanitarian issues and are in line with our values.

Community Meetings

We regularly organize networking events where socially engaged artists can connect with the younger generation and anyone interested in social and humanitarian issues.


We join forces for good by bringing artists, students, and nonprofits together to learn from each other and build stronger partnerships.

Awards and Competitions

We've held visual art and music competitions to raise awareness of social and humanitarian issues in the art world and among the general public.