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Wheat Fields by Sema Çulam (Turkey)

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Solidarity is to be connected, to cooperate, to be part of a community.

COVID-19 is a call for all of us to come together in solidarity, and help the vulnerable by combining our resources and working for the common good.

I want to draw attention to Humanity, Nature and other vanishing values in order for there to be global peace. All countries must find peace and I believe it can become reality through solidarity between the different countries.

I want my paintings to draw attention to the beauty of the world we inhabit, and express my support to the rural communities responsible for its upkeep. I consider my depictions of nature to be a rebellion, warning people of the dangers posed by global warming and reminding them of the need for solidarity in tackling the crisis. We need to expand fundamental human rights to account for diverse environmental problems, which require a unified and sympathetic response. Climate change requires a unified response.

As a universal language, art is an integral aspect of our society. Art bridges human divides and shapes the nature of our relationships. I want my artwork to build solidarity between the urban and the rural, society and nature, and to remind people of just how connected we all are. I want to reach out in solidarity to the working women of the Turkish countryside, who are too often overlooked by urban centres. These works are not just about natural beauty, but stories and messages about human beings and their ability to come together. People living in cities and towns all around the world will see these paintings and feel a sense of community and solidarity for all. I believe in the power of artistic expression to connect the urban centres of the world with its countryside, by communicating and sharing values across societal divides, such as depicting the past of local cultures and reaching out to remote communities.

I have been painting ever since I was a child, and spent 20 years completing abstract works before moving on to my current unique style. I have always strived to be a journalistic artist, chronicling people’s lives and telling their stories in the hopes of making a better world. I believe in the power of artwork to build solidarity between people of all different backgrounds, a project reflected by all that World Citizen Artists does.


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