World Citizen Artists organised, along with Gua Africa and Safe Passage, a unique music & art competition on the theme of  'Hope'. The competition required a minimum of $1 entrance fee paid directly to the two nonprofit organisations involved in the jury along with WCA.


As a result of this initiative, those who participates helped sponsor:

235 weeks worth of bus travel to university for Gua Africa students.

254 full days worth of work on the garbage dump for those whom safe passage is helping in Guatemala.

I strongly believe in the World Citizen Artists mission of promoting global awareness through creativity.

When the opportunity presented itself for the competition, I wanted to participate and feature my work among other talented artists with similar interests. I am truly honored to be the recipient of the 2016 World Citizen Artists Award “ONE FOR ALL” Music Competition.

Pauline Jean

Music Awards Recipient >

The World Citizen Artists ONE FOR ALL competition, with the theme of hope was inviting for me. Hope is a powerful emotion and action. It has been my personal experience, living with a chronic health issue that hope can get one through a lot. It may not change your situation, but offers you the possibility of a happier life. Both the arts and the practice of Hope played a huge role in my wellbeing during the worst times in my illness.

Monica Brinkman

Visual Art Awards Recipient >