World Citizen Artists organised, along with Gua Africa and Safe Passage, a unique music & art competition on the theme of  'Hope'.

The competition required a minimum of $1 entrance fee paid directly to the two nonprofit organisations involved in the jury along with WCA.


As a result of this initiative, those who participates helped sponsor:

-235 weeks worth of bus travel to university for Gua Africa students.

-254 full days worth of work on the garbage dump for those whom safe passage is helping in Guatemala.

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Pauline Jean

Music Awards Recipient >

Monica Brinkman

Visual Art Awards Recipient >

ONE FOR ALL is the most challenging Awards initiative as it is on a specific theme each time. The theme is related to local non profit organisations that WCA carefully selects. The NGOs receive a portion of the minimum $1 entry fees to support their work to create positive change and impact lives.

RECOGNITION: WCA is always looking for the next artists who will make history as an ambassador of the specific humanitarian cause for which One for All stands. As there is a minimum $1 entry fee, applicants receive a Free WCA membership as proof of their generosity as well as their commitment to WCA.