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Climate Change Is Happening Right Here. And Right Now.

Politicians and environmentalists have expressed a wide spectrum of viewpoints and proposed various solutions to the problem, as merits a topic that encompasses so many characteristics of modern society. Mental illness is also a topic that touches many people around the world. However, mental health challenges and climate emergencies are rarely spoken about in the same breath.

Mental health problems are commonly encountered in the context of climate emergencies. Humans aren’t coping as well as they could be with the pressures and daily stresses of everyday climate change. To be able to do more and do better, it’s important to understand the intersection between mental health and climate change. In the context of increasing uncertainties and other conflicts playing out all around the world, it is more difficult than ever for communities to collaborate across borders.

We need to put aside their political differences and unite. If we cannot encourage more cooperation in protecting the environment and addressing mental health issues, our planet and society will face even greater hardships.

The World Citizen Society 2021 Global Event will connect artists and their audiences around the world to raise global awareness about mental health and climate change.

The online event will bring the international community of experts, academics, and leading speakers from various areas of study together and give them the opportunity to enlighten and enrich each other with their expertise and share their experience and insights with the world - through discussion panels.

Artists used their creative talents to give a voice to the global challenge humanity is facing.