WCA is very open-minded when it comes to new skills or talents that can help grow our community. Follow us on social media to find out when we have positions open, and don’t hesitate to send your CV and/or social media profile to info@worldcitizenartists.org. When we have a position available that suits your profile, you will be contacted by us.


Worldcitizenartists.org is currently looking for a dedicated writer and proofreader to join our group on a volunteer basis. We are a tight-knit, international team of creators who use art to promote humanitarian change.


Our goal is to create a community of like-minded creatives striving to effect change around the globe. 

Volunteers help proofread newsletters, website articles, artist features, and more and may occasionally have opportunities to craft these materials themselves.


As the name suggests, volunteers are not paid by our website as all funds go directly to our mission of furthering our causes. 

We estimate around an hour of work per month or so, though this can change at certain times when we are working on big events, such as our Awards initiative

Applicants must have a firm grasp of written English, be comfortable working with non-native English speakers and respect the World Citizen Artists Ethos.

Please send your CV to info@worldcitizenartists.org