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Who Is Who by Delphine (France)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

When we first hear the word solidarity and dream of achieving it - many people often think of a long and challenging fight. But in reality, this is not the case; to show solidarity, you simply need to give a little bit of yourself for others. I am honoured to be nominated for the “Solidarity for All” initiative since in my opinion, solidarity is an essential part of life and has become increasingly important in our current climate.

The only way we will be able to overcome this crisis, is to be united towards the truth.

My nominated song, “Who Is Who”, reveals the need to be guided by real values - to recenter our lives. It leads us to discover the true souls of those around us. Once we know ‘who is who’, we will know what each and every one truly wants, and we can unite to make the changes to achieve our collective goals.

At the start of this turbulent period, I was initially disheartened. I found myself stressed about the uncertain future and drained from a month of intense work. However, I quickly realised the power of the arts to provide a space where people can escape from these stresses. This allowed me to recognise my duty as a musician - I needed to be there for my fans and the public, and I needed to stand in solidarity with those who were struggling.

Music has extraordinary power, especially in times of crisis. Unlike many other aspects of life, it has no borders and possesses the unique ability to travel, spreading its messages worldwide.

Specifically, in a period such as this one, where communities have been universally affected, music plays an important role in inspiring hope and positivity.

Having traveled in the past, I have seen firsthand music's ability to unite and noticed how people react when listing to or performing music together. When you are lost in the music, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is or what experiences you’ve had, you are unexplainably connected to those who listen or perform with you.

I am especially proud to be part of World Citizen Artists, as I think it's important that artists get the opportunity to come together. Music and art have such a strong influence, but often artists do not have the opportunity to collaborate like this. However, when we do, we can join our power, spreading more love and positivity than we could when we stood alone.

Growing up in a musical family, I have been surrounded by music since my childhood. I always liked singing, but I was very shy when I was younger, so throughout my musical journey I have pushed myself, driven by my unwavering love of the arts. At age 10 I participated in the recording of a single, highlighting human rights.

From there I took drama and improvisation lessons, began classical singing training, and tried out many different types of music in bands - but it was reggae music that gave me my first writing inspiration. My creative mind has no definite pattern, inspiration can come to me anytime; in the car, when reading, or even when I’m asleep! Sometimes it begins with melodies - other times words or little phases. I have papers with my notes scattered around everywhere - in my handbag, on my nightstand, in the car, and on my Dictaphone. My music surrounds me.

I would like to inspire people to move towards a better and more positive world with my music. I sometimes feel too angry with the world we live in and this influences my art in a negative sense. When this happens, I try to get closer to my most treasured experiences – I remember my opportunities travelling and meeting extraordinary people, and it is these memories that inspire me to create.


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