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Unity Through Art by Raju Dyapur (India)

I believe that, by being an artist, I can make a difference by playing an active role within the community and within local organisations.

During my childhood, apart from school studies, I particularly enjoyed drawing and painting, I am, however, largely self-taught as an artist.

When I first heard the name of the theme of the ONE FOR ALL initiative, this is the exact picture I had in mind for painting, which shows the exact meaning of hope.

The title of my painting “Hope” represents the aspiration for something better, a new path and new beginnings. The word “Hope” represents an out-stretched helping hand, a new life and the diffusion of the feeling of isolation. This is also hope that gives strength, confidence and a goal in life.

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of, not only the competition, but also the community. Participation in the “ONE FOR ALL” initiative has not only inspired me with its chosen themes, but also has inspired me because of the fact that it is a community working towards a common goal/cause.

The theme of this competition actually resonated in my thoughts, and I hope that my artwork expresses the need for an out-stretched helping hand.

Certainly my artwork has influenced me. At one of my recent community exhibitions, I displayed my artwork so that everyone can get a sense of unity, confidence and hope. I also explained my artwork, giving numerous ways in which we can go about thinking of making changes in this world.

Anyone who is willing to participate or wants to make a change can get involved with local communities or organisations. I am sure everyone has something to give; we just have to extend out our hands to another.

I am an artist based in Bangalore, India. After having worked in the IT sector for nearly 21 years, I decided to leave that industry and to change my career, becoming an artist.


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