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United for Love by 4BLISS (USA)

Our philosophy on social justice is clearly noted in the lyrics to our song, Unidos por Amor (United for Love).

Although we come from different places Together we will sing One song our time is never wasted From a thousand miles apart.

Everyday I strive in my own way to do one small thing for social justice, whether it be a social media response to a negative statement in the news or infusing a personal response by creating a safe haven for inner-city students through music.  Our call to duty for social justice is the personal responsibility of all of us.  That is why we are asking everyone to become “united for reason.”


Before one can tackle the social injustice in the world, a person must search for and attain inner peace.  This intention was the catalyst for a cadre of students to join together and write this song because: “podemos hacer cualquier cosa aunque no creas (we can do anything even if you don’t believe it)!

Montserrat who has gained strength, courage, and joy through music.  At present she is a music major at the University of San Diego and hopes to come either a professional musician and/or a music therapist.  Either way, she has witnessed how she can impact people through her music and heal them in the way that she has taken comfort in music when faced with adverse life challenges.  

Darby Lee, a high school senior in San Diego, is a singer-songwriter in the process of applying to pre-medical programs throughout the country. Recently featured in the San Diego Union Tribune “Making a Difference” column for her inspirational music and impact, Darby’s dream is to heal people’s hearts both emotionally (through music) and physically (as a cardiac surgeon).  Both students made their first radio debut on FM 94.9 last August at which time 'Unidos por Amor' was one of the featured songs.


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