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Together by Russ Parrish (USA)

I am delighted to have been selected as the music award recipient for the “Solidarity for All” initiative, with the submission of my piece entitled “Together”. The purpose of my song is to encourage both unity and collective cooperation to overcome this pandemic - that's why it emphasises this through the lyrics “we're all one crew on a ship in the sea" which reiterates that our actions as individuals affect everyone, so if one person falls we all fall.

During this period of uncertainty, the theme of “Solidarity for All” is one of particular significance, as it emphasises the necessity for individuals to come together as a global community in order to overcome this unprecedented challenge that we face.

During this time of social isolation, music has become an accessible means of communication for people from across the world. With music, the emotion of songs is often what people relate to more than the lyrics themselves. Regardless of language barriers, music is a powerful tool that can be used to bring many voices and talents together into one, and that's something more beautiful than words can explain.

Unsurprisingly, this period has not come without its challenges for myself and my music. As someone who draws musical inspiration from interaction with other people, the situation really impacted my motivation and ability to create music as normal. It’s been especially challenging knowing that once the creative process is finished, i cannot play it to listeners in person.

It’s important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and more recently I have been able to share my music to limited audiences. It’s rewarding to receive their positive responses. To give an example, I received an email from a listener thanking me for the music I've made and how it provided them with escapism from all the bad happening in the world.

This is my hope with every song I write - that we can join together to shed a little light on a dark time and find joy and hope again in our souls. It really reiterates that music itself is the language to bring Solidarity For All, to stand together hand in hand and share hope through a song.

Music has always been a part of my life whilst growing up, with both my parents working within the industry. However, the point at which I realised I could pursue this career came after winning a competition in 2017. It gave me the confidence to start writing and showcasing my music in different cities. My main motivation for pursuing music will always stem from the connections with people that music ultimately generates.

I create music to inspire and reach the souls of the people who hear it. I try to make my music inclusive, so that it’s as relatable to myself as it is to other people. I want music to be something we all do together, and without the support of my audience, I wouldn't be able to create this music, which really shows the powerful relationship held between music and it’s listeners.


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