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The Rainbow by Please No Panic (Italy)

Music is strongly connected to peace. When you play,sing or write music you enjoy a state of grace, no doubt you feel you belong to yourself!

You are grateful and ecstatic about it,you want to share it with as many persons as possible to communicate and donate a little bit of your own well being. You feel responsible for a gift you want to reciprocate and convey to others. Music is doubtlessly a tool of peace.

Peace means responsibility,an escape from hypocrisy, it is quitting to think it is a guest invited to the party.

Peace is the party. It is the consciousness that the conflict is within us, the seed of war is in our little, yet increasing relationships, inside and with the world.

Peace is holding the hand of the child experiencing the conflict and realizing that his suffering is also our suffering, that we are ,were and will be this child. Peace is understanding and truly accepting ourselves, it is forgiving our and others’ faults, it is abolishing the word perfection,it is obvious and understandable fear of pain,it is courage ,respect and resposibility in feeling our own pain and that of others, it is sharing ,accepting, lulling,it is curiosity within and outside, it is awareness and broad-mindedness, a bridge and a window on the floor, it is an invitation to jump inside, to jump into the rainbow.

Thich Nhat Hanh once said: our life- style greatly influences the animal and plant worlds, nevertheless we behave as if our daily life had nothing to do with the situation of the world. We are like sleep-walkers: we don’t know either what we are doing or where we are heading. Our future in all forms of life, including ours,lies in the conscious steps we are taking. And yet everyone can do something to protect and take care of our planet.We must live in such a way that our children and grandchildren can have a chance to enjoy their future. May our life be our message.

Please no panic is the blending of 5 souls sharing a passion and respect for the art of music. Our sound most closely resembles adult contemporary pop rock, however it would be hard to describe and categorize it in any one genre…. we each express ourselves and our emotions through music and our signature original sound stems from this.

The members of the group have performed countless times both live and in recording studios. Our songs are in English, an obvious choice given the international nature of our sound. But the best way to get to know us is to listen to us.


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