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The Fragility of Peace by Damian Ebejer (Malta)

There is nothing correct or right in war and conflict; only sadness and confusion. War gives us untimely death, destruction, loss and tragedy. Peace offers us everything. Peace gives us life, hope and dignity.

One can keep one’s head held high and smile and follow whatever dream might be conjured up. Mankind cannot survive without peace. The World has given us peace without anybody asking for it and by doing this it has shown us the way to seek life without fear; a life enriched with talents and goodwill.

The Fragility of Peace by Damian Ebejer

Peace gives us the right to live without fear; It is natural for people to be full of hope to live in physical, mental and spiritual freedom

To live out one’s dreams. If mankind lives in fear there can be no growth. Without growth mankind will never evolve. We are all beautiful creatures and only peace can make us reach our highest potential and shine. Peace gives us the Right to Choose…For those of us who live in a nation where there is peace, our daily lives are usually tranquil.

What I do in my life is my decision; if my affairs go well or not the reason for this most probably lies with what I had decided beforehand. Sadly, not everyone can make a statement like that. People who live in areas and nations torn apart by conflict and war cannot decide for themselves; the world has offered them little.

From the onset these people have been robbed of a fundamental right: the right to choose their own path; to choose what they wish to achieve in their lives. I ask, “What can I do but help maintain the peace that surrounds me?”

Peace has to start from within us, from there we can project gratitude and respect to our neighbors, our communities and the nations we live in. The earth does not owe us anything It is we who owe the Earth and the only way to help our existence is through Peace…Peace is our Human right on this Earth We must work together. 

We owe this much to our Mother Earth It is our home. With my work I wanted to express that our existence is fragile. The fragility of peace is apparent in so many areas of our world. The idea behind this painting is an expression of the vulnerability of peace. At the sides  of the work I created the idea of something which at first may look threatening. Simultaneously the flowing sides also suggest movement against the calm tranquility of the suspended egg.

Movement and change are a subject I consistently enjoy working with. The egg symbolizes life: a new beginning. In this painting peace is translated as fragile and can easily be broken or cracked. It hangs precariously by a partially frayed string, indicating that so much hangs in the balance in maintaining peace.

The sides are the wings of peace and change which will take us to a more sustainable future; or maybe they are even the wings of a phoenix rising from strife towards a more beautiful world…where there is peace, conflict and war may start however where there is war, peace can be born again…We must all help to maintain peace in our own individual way.

I was born in 1961 in Weston-S-Mare, England. At the age of five my family came to Malta where I was brought up. From an early age I was always interested in drawing, music and writing poetry. When I was sixteen I left Malta and lived in England and frequently traveled to other countries in Europe. During that time I had little time for painting but my interest in Art never left me. In that period I expressed myself more in poetry.

I returned to Malta in my mid-twenties and soon began producing my first paintings. In 1994 I held my first solo exhibition in Malta at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta. Since that time I have held ten solo exhibitions and taken part in several group expos. Over the years my painting has gone through several stages of evolution: I enjoyed my initial landscapes and surrealist stage; now I continue towards a more abstract approach.


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