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The First World Citizen Artists Awards by Marianne Weineck (UK)

The results of the World Citizen Artists Competition will be announced on Friday 5th December 2014 at midnight!

This competition was judged on the quality of the works and on the power of their messages. Fortunately and unfortunately, World Citizen Artists received so much great work that not all could be selected.

However, we are pleased to announce that there will be more competitions to come on humanitarian themes and it is also possible that those who did not win this time will be contacted by Playing For Change Foundation, Belgravia Gallery or World Citizen Artists for other collaborations, since all applications will be kept.

World Citizen Artists is very grateful to Marianne McMurtary for making our first awards. There are only two World Citizen Artists awards in the world at the moment, one for each category: visual art and music.

I chose to make the first World Citizen Artists Awards as I am passionate about using my creativity for good causes. The ethos of raising global awareness through creativity is one I’d like to support.

I believe the theme of ‘Peace, at a time when we need it the most’ is well chosen. When there seems to be so much conflict in the world, it is great that art can unite people from all over the world in a positive way. So for me it is a privilege to make the awards for this event because I think we should celebrate when people come together in peace.

When designing the awards, the first stage was to sketch out initial ideas to try to find a way to represent peace in an award. When I had a few basic ideas, my preferred way of working was to just start making and testing out my designs by making card and foam sketch models.

I chose the form of a sphere to represent our world. I used beech wood to create these forms in order to incorporate a natural material. From the beginning I wanted to use a dove as a universal symbol of peace. A flock of doves seemed appropriate to the theme of unity, many working together to bring peace. The doves and the sign are made from nickel silver sheet. To make the doves I drew the designs on CAD software then I sent off my artwork to be etched. The designs then arrived as a sheet so I cut them apart, sanded the edges then arranged and stuck them to the sphere.” Marianne Mcmurtary


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