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Sun Set by Triz Go (Colombia)

The vision of peace has been present in my art work since I began to study art. In some of my drawings, I express the horrible sensation that a defenceless person must feel when abused by others.

These belong to a series titled Sad story. Fortunately, these drawings are very few in comparison to the large number I have made with various themes which contain the other side of the message: peace. I have drawn portraits, sea and urban scenes, popular activities, copies of great masters of art, landscapes, still life, animals, etc. I paint sketches in situ at sites I visit. They are my database for work in larger formats. Nature sends us every day and night, messages of love, peace and beauty.

My art work tries to send that message to the viewer, seeking to turn our eyes and minds toward a peaceful state of mind instead of searching for violence, war, or drug trafficking, which are prevalent in many parts of the world.

Now is the time for all of us to join together to spread this message across the world. Perhaps we will attract many followers, or, perhaps, just a few. Whichever, this is the route we can follow in order to disseminate the message. It will be like a grain of sand falling on the desert.

Sun Set by Triz Go

I was born in Bogotá, daughter of Ricardo Gómez Campuzano, great Colombian master of art (1891-1981). I began learning art at my father’s side; finished High School at Mount St Vincent Academy, Halifax NS, Canada, then traveled to Toronto, Ontario, to study Medical Technology. I returned to Colombia in 1954, married in 1956, and studied piano and composition at the Music Conservatory of the National University in Bogotá. From 1987 to 1992, I studied Plastic Arts at the University of los Andes, and then continued art training at Aetna Studio of Art in Bogotá. So far, I have had 19 solo exhibitions and participated in 107 group exhibitions.


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