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Silver and Gold by Malú Méndez Lavielle (Mexico)

Some  words about my painting where the face Nelson Mandela appears. It is a portrait of Bono, the lead singer of Irish band U2, which like all my portraits the resemblance does not seek photographic but spiritual.

Bono, as you sure know, is not only a great singer, musician and composer topping career, but an opinion leader of great importance who has used his fame and popularity to advocate for social and environmental causes in countries like yours have suffered from an obtuse and predatory colonialism.

When I set out to portray Bond, the black shirt was an automatic consequence of their clothing, and from the beginning I thought, the nature of Bono, would have to carry a motif that was a battle cry while a tribute to the causes he has championed. I had to think long and the image of Nelson Mandela appeared on the singer almost single chest.

Malú Méndez Lavielle

That’s why the box is called “Silver and Gold”, which is the name that Bono was one of his themes is precisely the injustices of apartheid, the criminal racist system operating in South Africa and which happily was abolished after long and painful struggle.

I am a Mexican artist and I have never stopped painting, a character fate to my solitary and silent activity. I have installed three individual exhibitions in the city of Puebla and throughout the years I have to do individual sales that have allowed my paintings, from the series Oil today I present, are in private collections in Australia, Texas, Chile, France and Germany, as well as Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Jalapa, Cancun, Chihuahua and Puebla.

The internet has allowed me to show my work to sensible and friendly people around the world in the last decade. Such is the case of this opportunity, which I show two pieces of a style that I have cultivated for a long time and that, in essence, is a landscape that sometimes has people and sometimes it’s just a green garden with abundant flowers and floating islands.

I could not explain what it means, all I know is that it is not something religious, or any paradise, but a peaceful and beautiful place that might revealing interior place more external.


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