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Peaceful Days by Hannah’s Field (USA)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I am the daughter of two hippies, otherwise known as flower children. My parents met hitchhiking and I grew up hearing stories about them protesting the war and seeing photographs of my mother with flowers in her hair. Our home was filled with the music of Bob Marley, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. These songs entered my mind and heart as a little girl and years later I started writing lyrics as a way to make sense of the wild world around me and my emotions. Today, the use of music is more important than ever as a tool to help us through difficult times.

Our song entitled “Peaceful Days” resonates with the theme of “Solidarity For All” through the way in which its lyrics call for a sense of unity and compassion with one another, to overcome the challenges that our society is currently facing, as my lyrics put it “when we come together to sing a false wall between us falls”. The song also represents empowerment through the fact that myself and two other talented female recording artists were able to collaborate in order to bring the lyrics to life. It was inspirational to hear three female voices with three different backgrounds and styles come together and record from their individual studios.

My main motivation for pursuing a career in music has always been to inspire and help those that listen to my music. The themes, lyrics and tunes of the music I create are always intended to spread positivity and love to my audience.

The covid-crisis has been an incredibly difficult period for humanity, I do hope it awakens society to be more aware of our planet and to take action with compassion to heal all life.

The music industry has been sadly affected by the pandemic, with music venues in every city across the world being forced to close. I do, however, believe that music and art blossom in challenging times. In many ways music is a necessity in these situations, and the songs we create are gifts given to us to spread hope throughout the world.


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