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Peace and Human Values by Carolyn Stubbs (UK)

I’m sure that every right thinking person desires world peace, yet achieving this, with its vast complexity of problems and issues, is beyond one single solution or course of action.

Peace from my own perspective begins always with respect for others, kindness, generosity of spirit with love and loyalty given freely to my family and friends.  Without these basic human values I know my life would be that much poorer, peace could not be attained and joy hard to find.

Respect also extends to valuing the beautiful planet we inhabit, a planet that gives us life.  Nature nurtures us in so many different ways, ways that we’re not always completely aware of.  A walk along a deserted sandy shore, the sound of pounding waves and the touch of a light breeze upon one’s face, manna to the soul in these often conflicted times.

Human nature tends to like individuality yet at the same time likes to place others in categories, that are often negative. Celebrating the differences of individuality rather than castigating them would be a good basis for peace to flourish.

In my work as an artist I try to raise awareness of the beauty that surrounds us, the preciousness of the natural world that deserves just as much love care and attention to those others things that we hold dear.  I am currently working on the themes of renewal in my paintings and during the summer was asked by Bristol City to participate in creating an artwork called ‘Love the Future’, a work that aims to reflect the green environmental aims of Bristol, (voted European Green Capital 2015).

It was with great pleasure that my partner Joe & I travelled to Paris from the UK in June 2014 to celebrate the first anniversary of World Citizen Artists at the Bataclan Café.  We were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed great hospitality.  We met Valerie the founder and enjoyed live music from many talented musicians who played that night.  It was a lovely evening that created good memories of the people we met, along with the excellent ethos of World Citizen Artists of which we are glad to be a part of.


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