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Part of the Whole by Lesa Weller (USA)

I walk on unfamiliar soil in a distant land. I am here, but not of this place. I do not speak the language and dialect of the locals who know how to joke and laugh with the ease of familiars.”

I am a part of something greater than earth and buildings. I am made of the ash from burnt souls, the light of countless suns and the lessons of those who have been here before.

In my search for asylum, I trust people I do not know. I travel through unfamiliar landscapes along grey highways, only aware of my solitary existence.

I have come to this place to be without fear of torment and shame. I must exist where my life is valued, where I can hear my voice and I am invited to stand.

Since my journey began, I have sought peace and belonging. Only now, when I look through the forest trees to the stars, do I realize I am home wherever I am. Part of the whole, part of the universe.

As a World Citizen Artist, I believe everyone has a story and that these stories make our world a cohesive and colorful tapestry. Our collective experiences are the foundation and motivation behind great ideas and practices concerning the heart, mind, body and soul.

I am an artist, author, and advocate for mental health recovery. My colourful multi-media art is inspired by and testimonial of my recovery journey and life experience with trauma and severe depression.


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