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One HEART + One LOVE (World)

Through our collaborative artwork One HEART + One LOVE we hope to spread positivity and the importance of finding solidarity and community. This collage-style artwork was created by 54 international participants ranging from 2- to 78-years-old. Each participant contributed a mini-artwork to the piece, bringing with it their own perspective. Each small part of the collage has its own message, including support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the need to accept all identities and genders, climate activism, world peace, and more. The artwork as a whole aims to demonstrate the power that comes from unity.

The project was partially inspired by the pandemic, which encouraged us all to reflect from our new-found isolation on the importance of human connection. When WCA announced the “Solidarity for All” theme, this prompted us to collect the small original artworks from our friends, relatives and students from all over the world. We felt that collecting these artworks and piecing them together was an eye-opening reflective exercise that took us beyond our own talents and experience as individual artists.

We chose the different coloured papers as backing for each artwork to symbolise the diversity of World citizens. We used recycled materials and homemade glue made from rice flour because protecting the world we live in is one of our long-term goals. We believe that during the pandemic our environment has taken the time to heal while we’ve been quarantined in our homes. As most people did their part to stay home, not only did it help the spread of the virus, but also the opportunity to damage our world was also temporarily reduced. Each of the project’s participants shares a wish to work towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle and we feel the pandemic has helped bring more awareness to these issues.

It’s reassuring for us to reflect that there is always a solution to the problems we face, whether that be the virus or the destruction of our planet. We hope that those who view our art will be reminded of this and find new motivation to come together in solidarity against a variety of social and environmental challenges.


Yuni Ko, Moon Teresa Ko, Sue Foerster, Shirley Scoble, Julia Kane, Diana Li, Tiffany Lee, Shaneen Upal, Minji Kim, Abi Rooley-Towle, Tam Rooley-Towle, Mooah Choi, Chloe Garcia, Daniel Kim, Carson Ban, Lisa Ban, James Ban, Fiorella Jiménez, Lauren Virapen, Carla Virapen, Karen Shim, Monica Vallejo, Easton Aw, Lillian Wei, Sarah Colangelo, Josephine Cho, Teresa Cho, Daniel Oh, Kathy R., Christina Kavouris, Song-Ryan Moon, Andrea Mascan, Briana Mascan, Michelle Wang, Chloe Wang, Kai Jung, Daina Ramezani, Florence Shin, Scarlett Shin, Esther Han, Ryan Han, Grace Sun, Nakita Satira, James Satira, Michael Satira, Emery T., Audrick T., Victor T., Jihyun Lim, Serin Kim, Jaden Arnold, Frederick Seo, Claire Seo, Hyun Tim Kim, Yerin Lynn Kim, Yoon Jung, Hye-Joo Kim, Se-won Kim.


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