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Love Without a Cause by Monica Manaker (Israel)

Hope, is knowing that after a “tsunami” something will remain and that something is the hope for a better now, for a better future.

To know that the dark moments are the ones which allow us to learn how to see clearly. It is knowing that everything in flux, but the love of God, the universal force, brotherhood, your inner peace, or a person who loves you, will always stand by you, with you and within you. And that is the very essence of HOPE.

Monica Manaker, singer-songwriter born in Rosario, Argentina whose music combines elements of Latin American folklore, oriental rhythms, pop and world music. This eclectic mix reflects the diversity of countries in which she has lived (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Israel, the US, Ethiopia).

In 2010 she released her first album “Here it comes”, in Hebrew, which is influenced by various styles. She launched her second album in Addis Ababa and Spain “Love without cause” in Spanish.

Monica is regularly involved in humanitarian and community projects (in orphanages, hospitals, women’s shelter and in the HeForShe, UN WOMEN campaign). She also provides concerts and music workshops. Through her work, Monica shows that music is a means by which we can all heal, grow and forge the way to peace.


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