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Love and Equality by Subajah (UK/FRANCE)

Ask the Reggae singer/songwriter Subajah what is the key to finding the joy around you, and he’ll give you an answer both simple and profound. “Opening your heart, approaching each moment, each individual with an open heart ready and willing to understand them. Acceptance is the key. Not tolerance – acceptance, and acceptance of yourself before everything.

In 2007, he moved from his home in France to London to explore his musical aspirations. Subajah’s influences range from Akae Beka (formerly Midnite), Vaughan Benajmin, and Mandinka. As an up-and-coming Reggae musician, Subajah’s music has been praised for its “deep roots reggae” feel and meaningful prose akin to poetry. “I have always loved poetry,” he says, “and been fascinated by the science of words, the power of words and their beauty.” Later this year, he will be a supporting artist for Akae Beka’s premier U.K. show.

Just like the other artists who make up the World Citizen Artists community, Subajah is passionate about using his music to further the cause of Peace. “I strongly stand for equal rights and justice worldwide,” he shares. He’s particularly passionate about working towards peace and prosperity in Africa, and he adds, “I will also defend any group’s victims of oppression, especially colonialism in all its forms.”

In the past, he has worked for a number of organizations dedicated to aiding victims of injustice and violence including Erase, which promotes empowerment across Africa and works closely with schools and nurseries; and the France-based organization Univerbal, which fights to end the practice of child soldiers; among others.

For him, getting involved starts by opening your eyes and those around you. “It starts by raising awareness, talking to anybody around you at work, people you meet if you have the opportunities to address larger audiences (musician, teacher, politician, manager). It starts there. So many people around us are unaware or simply so far from this reality that they do not realise what is going on outside our ‘bubble.”

It’s true. Many don’t know that there are more than a quarter million child soldiers across the globe. The first step to helping end the atrocity is to learn more about it. The second step is to actually jump in and do something. “Support charities with similar goals and not only financially . It might be your presence or actual work that could bring a great contribution,” Subajah says.

A proponent for true equality and a believer in Peace and Unity for all, Subajah’s spirit absolutely shines through every second of his music.


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