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Life After Corona by Rebel Layonn (Haiti)

For me, during this unprecedented time of global economic and social uncertainty, “Solidarity for All” really amplifies the current need for people to be aware of the individual struggles that are occurring and to ultimately come together to support one another. My piece of music, entitled “Life After Corona” aims to encourage us as individuals, to re-evaluate our roles on this earth and to ultimately move towards creating a brighter future.

Now more than ever, I believe music has an integral role in promoting this message of global solidarity. Through continual creation and collaboration within the musical community, these positive messages can be spread across a variety of musical channels to allow the voices and sounds to emphasise these important messages of unity.

Where some have struggled to find inspiration in this time of instability, I consider the opposite to be the case.

I saw this is an appropriate time to promote a positive global message and from this, I developed significant ideas and motivations. Of course, this did not come without its challenges.

Despite having come up with the creative foundations for this song, the international lockdown meant I had no access to any recording facilities nor the necessary equipment needed to begin creating my song. Fortunately, I reached out to friends in the music industry who were more than helpful in enabling my song to become a reality, through borrowing equipment and advising me on the technical process. For someone who has never recorded at home, the outcome was a success, and it really goes to show what can be achieved when people come together in an act of solidarity.

Born and raised in Haiti, I began pursuing music professionally 15 years ago as founder and lead singer of a reggae band. From there, I grew the confidence to pursue a solo career as Rebel Layonn and released my first album in 2014. More recently, I have enjoyed using my musical platform to promote positive change within communities that are in need. At present, I am one of the proud co-founders of Azuei, a collective of artists that encourages creative exchange among Dominican and Haitian artists to promote peace and harmony.


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