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Kuwingamo by Yvonne Mwale (Zambia/Germany)

The background of ‘Kuwingamo’ is creating Peace in the world, bringing people together and ending suffering across the different continents.

Let’s remind each other that we are still human beings. We still have our beautiful humanity in each of us. We must remember our brothers and sisters who are dying out there. We must spread some love throughout the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from; we just need to be together, holding hands and living as one in harmony.

In my song ‘Kuwingamo’ I’m trying to remind people of my origin in a simple and direct way—the importance of keeping Peace and supporting those who are trying to escape from war-shaken regions in the world. At the time I was writing this song, the wave of refugees coming to Europe from Asia and Africa reached a climax. In the news we could see almost daily pictures of people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea after trying to reach Europe in very simple, crowded boats. In some places, the refugees were received with hatred—humans fighting humans who were just trying to stay alive. That touched me and I decided to write a song about standing together as the human race and to not close our eyes from what is happening in this world.

In my song, I compare state leaders to animal herders. Just like a herder, it’s the responsibility of governors to kindly care for their people. At the same time, we as the people need to show kindness to the victims of wars. Understanding each other’s backgrounds, love and kindness are the first steps to having more Peace in this World.

When I was twelve years old, I lost both of my parents. I ended up living on the streets until my musical talent was discovered. I only survived because there were kind-hearted people who helped me. After experiencing my time as a homeless person, music brought me back to a stable life. Then, I became the cover singer for a popular band and was able to travel through many countries, meet many different people, and share my message.

I believe that hardships in life can make you stronger. I am blessed to be able to use my popularity as a way to help organisations spread the message of Peace.

Unity, openness and tolerance among people are the keys to Peace. Peace can be present on so many different levels. It’s not just the absence of war between nations. Peace is for me is when every human being is free to live their own life without being troubled for their origin or religion or having to fear for health or life. None of us are better than others.

I’m thankful for being accepted, loved and appreciated as an artist in a surrounding where most people around me have a different skin colour and culture than me, and I want to promote Peace and love for others, no matter what skin colour, religious belief, or political views people hold.

We as artists have a great responsibility. Many people look at us and get inspired or influenced by our work. If we each draw on our life’s experiences and turn our hardships into strengths, we can work together to bring more Peace to the world.  Let us use our art to show people the right way and share the message of peace with them!


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