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Joy-Hope-Peace by Nikoletta Antonopoulou (Greece)

Peace is a word so small yet so essential for humanity. It is a word containing the meaning of life, the hope, and the dream of a better future, of love, companionship, and creation. It expresses concepts full of energy and life, of children laughing and playing carefree and happily, of people giving their hands to each other full of confidence and hope without racial discrimination and hate.

Flying and chirping birds in a colourful, cloudless sky offer us the most beautiful paintings and the most musical, harmonic sounds, and images divine, stunning and bright, full of optimism. We can enjoy such amazing pictures only in a peaceful and united world.

A world that will work only for joy, knowledge, and love. Without peace all these values don’t exist. All these expressions for me are the source of creative inspiration that features throughout my entire catalogue of artwork.

Joy-Hope-Peace by Nikoletta Antonopoulou

The spirit of unity is conveyed with power, expressing the feeling of vigour and universal hope through the freedom of the flying birds within one of my paintings named “Kids playing with a puzzle build a new world.”

Throughout my career I have always looked for artistic experiences of this kind. When I saw the announcement of this competition I was really impressed. I realised that I have the opportunity to express myself creatively, and my feelings through it.

Compete for Peace - Not War is a huge challenge to create artwork expressing the light of a soul through colors, the feeling of freedom through flying doves, and the power of peace through united hands. All of these are promoted through the power of the brush.

As a Greek artist I support every action to help spread the spirit of freedom, peace and democracy all over the world. The voice of art is a strong medium for the achievement of this purpose. I decided without a second thought to take part in this contest. Moreover, I am too happy and lucky to exhibit my work in the renowned BELGRAVIA GALLERY, the winner of the best art Gallery 2013.


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