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Humanity by Mbeng Pouka (UK)

No human would like to live in a world full with trouble, uncertainty, insecurity, oppression, injustice and many more. Knowing that we are the cause of most of those phenomena, love is what holds everything in harmony, ignorance is the greatest enemy of humanity.  

We are all individual and sharing the same conscience.  One humanity, one world, which easily makes me believe in the World Citizen Artists philosophy.

Through the process of human civilisation and transformation from villages, cities and countries, the desire of humans to have a better and easier life from the basic tools to survive from the pre-historic times, to the modern age where we are now facing a huge challenge to control what we have been creating, than to be controlled by our technology, where the title of the painting comes from – The Transfer of Knowledge.

Humanity is yet to find how much they have lost from our nature, as the regret always comes afterwards.

By observing the first part of the painting, we feel the connection with our universe where people used to drink from rivers, bathe in them, have their own farms and land to grow their crops, pick fruit from trees and have them in each due season.

They all used to feel the rain and look up to the sky in the night time and our robust, well-shaped body was well-maintained and balanced.  This has been passed on through generations for thousands of years.

The second part of the painting is made of the introduction of human technology and it’s progression and the heavy dependence of all humans on it, causing the world we are living in today with the increase of sickness and disease and dependence in institutions, corporations, organisations and governments – who are the ones making the rules of what to eat, which job to have, where to shop, which road to walk on, which house to live in, what kind of water to drink.

By taking on our free will, the entire human race has been paying a heavy price to live on the earth, as everything has been taken away from them.

I am London-based artist (painter and sculptor), who believes in the ability of human love and kindness to make our world a free and safe environment for every living creature.  The diversification of my art enables me to reach out to people’s minds and engage them in better understanding about the world we live in.  Much of my work draws on the environmental transformations that are happening in the world and the effect that these changes have on mankind and nature.


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