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World Citizen Artists Changed My Life by Anne Mwiti (Kenya)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Participating in the World Citizen Artists Awards ‘COMPETE FOR PEACE – NOT WAR’ helped me begin a journey of international and local recognition and acceptance of my art.

After being awarded by World Citizen Artists at the Belgravia Gallery, I was interviewed by the local media and went on to exhibit at the National Museums of Kenya as well as at group and solo shows. Local galleries became more interested in my work, and I have been able to create a viable career from my art, which is inspired by African life, nature, and my belief that all beings have a relationship with each other.

Wanting to impact more issues for Peace, I feel that my art has enabled me to become a vehicle for social change. I felt like I was part of the bigger picture after becoming involved with WCA and that the role of Peace was mine as an individual. I now know that I can reach a wider audience and have a greater impact on humanity.

Becoming an Award recipient gave me the confidence to continue my humanitarian work for Peace. In December 2016, I took part in a humanitarian project called ‘Behind the Brushstrokes’ and helped raise awareness about enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing, a little-discussed tragedy that takes the lives of young people in Kenya.

Through this project, we were able to use art to help share information and bring attention to this subject.

In 2017, I became involved with the local county government, working with various stakeholders toward raising awareness of the need for peaceful elections in Kenya through art, music, and dance. I plan to continue this initiative with the aid of partnerships in 2018.

I have continued to support WCA, and this year I was invited to participate as a member in the WCA Jury for the 2018 Compete for Peace—Not War initiative.

The time is now to be a player in the future of humanity. Being part of the WCA family has never been more timely than now, when the World needs Peace. This is about preserving self, communities, and humanity. We all need to make the decision about Peace now, and with the support of the WCA family it is the right decision at individual level to impact all other levels.


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