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How are your Days by Ricardo Moura (Brazil)

Our words have the power to change the environment we live in, to create peace, with positive intentions, positive vibes in a positive way for people to unite.

Every morning, we are gifted with life and it’s time for big changes. It’s time to overcome our fears, frustrations and sometimes our tiredness.

It’s time to make the right choices, to believe in change and to believe in a better world for all of us to be able to live in peace.

The lyrics of my song ‘Como são teus dias’  (How are your days) inspires a shift in our thoughts regarding the human relationships and the world we live in.”

Singer, songwriter and co founder of the Blues and Rock Band called “Bartenders” (1991) with Johnny Tequila and Carlão Gaertner, Ricardo Moura and his band participated in several charitable concerts for the Campaign against Hunger in Brazil, to collect donations of food and clothing.

The band has performed over 1000 concerts and participated in major festivals alongside national and international names in the genre.

Ricardo Moura was a special guest on the Concert and TV Series of TV Cultura “The History of the Blues in the country of Samba”, recorded at SESC Pinheiros Theatre/ São Paulo in 2007, alongside major names of the Blues in Brazil. Featured in the cast of Andre Christovam, Greg Wilson, Flavio Guimaraes, Heraldo do Monte and Adriano Grinenberg. As a music producer, he produced over 30 studio albums, in various styles. Currently specialized in live recordings for DVDs and concerts and festivals live broadcasting.


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