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Golden Peace by Allan Banford (UK)

We need to be unified in order to live peacefully together. We also need to have an open mind and place a lot of value on human life and all life in general teaching future generations about the highest moral levels of respect and tolerance. GOLDEN PEACE is an exclusive crafted piece of art created for the World Citizen Artists Awards initiative, representing social unity through the colours of light and prosperity.

Golden Peace by Allan Banford

Allan Banford is a contemporary fine artist specialising in acrylic figurative paintings, focussing on abstract surrealism. Reflecting his vision trough the Lacerations technique, the result is a unique and original conceptual experience, capturing the sense of recollection from an individual point of view via colour. His influences varied from classical masters such as Rembrandt and William Turner, to contemporary icons such as Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter.


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