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From Darkness to Light by Cachin Selis and La Vero Paz (Argentina)

We believe music must help people in a real and tangible way. For us, the refugee crisis in Europe needs more than a song telling the story. It needs real actions. But we are musicians, and if a a group of people falls from their boat, we are not prepared to jump into the ocean and rescue them. So, what we can do about this?

Cachin Selis and La Vero Paz

We found Proactiva Open Arms, a NGO from Badalona (Barcelona, Spain). They are lifeguards working at the Lesvos shores in Greece, saving lives. The way we could help them is by donating a song. The 100% of the sales of that song goes to their PayPal account. That’s how the “Vamos Encontrando” campaign was created. You can be part of the solution and help to save lives here

We are Cachin Selis and La Vero Paz, two tucumanos (Argentinians) living in Madrid. We created a Social Record Label called “Matra Mamut” (Mamooth Manthra). The mission of this family (because that is what this organization is) is to help people through music. Visit us here.

We formed our musical duet, ”Arbolceniza” (Arbolceniza: tree – ashes), in January 2016.

Each show is a ritual, inviting the audience to feel the transformation from darkness to light, the rebirth from the ashes to become a tree once again. We mix “copla” and argentinian folklore with pop music. Original songs are played with guitar loops, bombo legüero and samplers.

Our advise for those artists that want to make a difference through their art: please keep on creating art with deep intention of increasing awareness about a particular situation, because it is really necessary to put light on certain issues.

But now take it to the next level: contact those organizations that are actually working on the problem, avoid bureaucracy and build up a system to collect and donate money by selling your art. Try to create a solution for them. Listen to Arbolceniza’s “Vamos Encontrando (English Version)” here: and feel free to contact them at


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