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End of Earth by Aziz Anzabi (Iran/UK)

In this piece, the apple, though mostly devoured, it is still full near the top and its seeds are intact. Not only does the fruit contain the potential of an entire tree full of fruit, it is also many times larger than the humans depicted in the scene. Through this obscure relation, hope is a possibility if the ones reaching down would but look up.

Though the colours feel drab in the landscape and even the sky, the fruit itself is full of vibrancy with a sense of crisp freshness. There is a chance for the Earth, if this scene is the moment of choice. For if the fruit is so disproportionate to the beings present, so too is the possibility that their tears might water the Earth as they find joy in realising the lack of their previous understandings.

End of Earth by Aziz Anzabi

This painting speaks to the viewer as yet unseen hope that may only be revealed through a massive shift in perspective. The painting shows the lack of food all around the world. Even through this in areas where there is no water to grow food, some people still are determined to grow food and they have hope to have their own food and to live. These people don’t lose their motivation in life; they keep on trying to succeed and therefore they have hope even though there is no sight of water or food visible to their eyes.My artwork has influenced our community to feel hope and unity and to never give up even through the toughest times they go through because hope will keep them going.

I participated in World Citizen Artists 'One for All' competition because World Citizen Artists focuses on social problems such as peace, hope and the fact that they want to make the world better encouraged me to join.To me, all social problems are just as important as the others and I try to show how much disaster these problems bring to people in the world. I will carry on making others feel that they are a part of the social problems and we must all do something to stop it.

My advice to other artists that want to make the world better is that art is a tool to express serious issues in the world with a sweeter language to take away the bitterness of it so that people would be encouraged to pay attention to the problems around us.


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