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Education is the most powerful weapon by Marianne McMurtary (UK)

It is hard not to be inspired by a man who has literally changed the world and affected so many lives. When given the opportunity to sculpt someone I could think of no-one I’d rather sculpt.

There have been many good sculptures of Nelson Mandela; Some focus on his struggle and suffering or others depict those first famous steps of regained freedom. When I chose to sculpt him I knew I wanted to show the positive character of his later years.

This is the Nelson Mandela that I saw in the media as I was growing up. Only later would I understand the enormity of what his choice to be a loving peaceful leader had meant.

I have and continue to support a charity called SOS AFRICA.

A charity whose values are based around one of Mandela’s famous quotes;

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

SOS AFRICA empowers underprivileged African township children through the provision of education. I hope to be able to sell my sculpture to raise funds for this charity.

Chocolate Slave

I sculpted a slave boy carrying a sack of cocoa pods and I then moulded and casted the sculpture in resin to look like chocolate. I wanted to evoke people to consider the slaves that are often involved in making uncertified chocolate that they buy.

“I am a modelmaker by trade, currently I work primarily on architectural models. I don’t always think of my self as a fine artist but I do create sculptures sometimes. Where I can try to use my making and design skills to create or get involved with projects for good causes.

“Art though out history has been at the forefront of world advancements. World Citizen Artists is a great platform for like minded artists to come together and bring light to world issues.”


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