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Copy of Books106 Peace by Irmari Nacht (USA)

We are all affected by changes in the environment and are beginning to realize the need to recycle to protect our future. It is a peaceful way to effect change, moving from one thing to another.

Books106 Peace by Irmari Nacht

Books106 P E A C E began as five small recycled books into which I hand cut each letter on the pages of each book. The cutting itself was mindful, peaceful, and meditative.

Every letter in Books106 P E A C E is a little different from the next … just like the World, which is made up of different peoples, countries, and ideas. Although the letters are separate, they are all attached to the book, and the books are bound together into one whole which spells PEACE. Each separate letter does its part for the whole, demonstrating that if people work together, the result is greater than any of the individual parts.

My artwork addresses environmental concerns, change and transformation, and highlights the strength and energy of repeated elements.

I am fascinated by the multiplicity of elements—the repetition of the letters which make up the word PEACE subliminally reinforce the concept of many creating one idea. By repeating Peace, maybe we can bring it about.

Everyone needs to do his or her share to effect World Peace. Hopefully, our governments will rise above their differences and move toward unity.

As artists, we have a subtle but powerful tool to reach the World. When we share our positivity, energy, and tranquillity in a visual way, we are able to communicate Peace through our creativity.

To wish for Peace goes without saying. I believe everyone in the World wants to live in harmony with others. How we can make it happen is a little more difficult. I am happy to be a part of World Citizen Artists, an organisation that recognizes that the work of creative people can be a portal for Peace.

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