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Blue Hug by Maisie Mehri (Canada)

Art has always been a powerful medium for depicting our feelings, and in particular admiration and criticism.

As an artist, I have found my portraits effective for expressing my sympathy toward the ones who have been unfairly treated because of injustice, prejudice, war, poverty or natural disasters. I hope to make visitors who see my faces think profoundly about the hard life many people in different parts of the world are dealing with. Often caused at least in part due to ignorance, war is a phenomenon that can be stopped or even prevented; we are all responsible for highlighting the essentiality of peace and justice in our own ways. The following is my way.

Blue Hug by Maisie Mehri

“Blue Hug” is a given name to one of my recent portraits in the collection called “Faces Talk.” It is a hug of a newborn baby: warm, pleasant and PEACEFUL. On the other hand, it is a blue hug to the eyes of a mom who knows better about the impending ups and downs of the life-long journey awaiting her baby. We cry as we are born to this world; loving ones nearby are happy for that cry as it is the sign of “being alive.” It is the start of entering the world of many hard times and injustices.

However, there are arms which do their best to define the surrounding world differently even throughout wars, poverty, and other disastrous moments, to make us experience the first real peace that any human being can ever experience, namely a mother’s hug: a hug full of affection, care, and hope, in spite of the fact that the reality of life locally may be dark and dismal, bleak, and blue.

I am an ART lover who believes in art and what it can bring to humanity. I merely try to read each face in turn, which sometimes makes me stare at individuals perhaps longer than normal. I believe each face has its own story, especially those that are not disguised.

War, poverty, and the hard life are the themes of my works. Furthermore, I often like to portray children’s faces as they can express more about life, or, it maybe more accurate to say they speak much more honestly, as they are not yet masked.

I owe thanks to many people who have helped me to discover this way of communication, especially my husband, a critic of my works. I am also grateful to World Citizen Artists for providing me the chance to exhibit my work “Blue Hug” in Belgravia Gallery in London.


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