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Being of Light by Aziza Alaoui (Morocco/Germany)

World Citizen Artists promotes positive thinking and more awareness and peace in the world. I like very much this project, and I think they do a great job helping people.

Also the topic “hope” is very dear to me, as only with hope we can try to make a positive difference in this world. I feel passionate about finding the truth inside, and to be able to make a positive difference in this world, through true love and peace. I try through my work to reflect what is important for me, the way I see life, the beauty around me and also I try to give a form to my feelings and thoughts. Maybe in doing so, and sharing with people around me, they can find themselves in my work and get inspired.

“Being of Light” brings me back to a trip in my childhood, where I could experience newly my fascination for stained glass of European churches, a game between color and light, creating a mysterious and sacred dimension. By doing this sculpture, I was taken to a deep introspective work, where I realized that “Being of Light” was for me a metaphor for the evolutionary process of the human being, where each step, even the smallest, has an impact on the whole. Each little piece represents a part of how we decide our own path, how we built ourselves. Finding myself in front of the sculpture allows me to discover the frustration, the pain, our limitations and understand how difficult it is sometimes to take important decisions in life. In the same time, a feeling of peace appears, of quietness, of joy and deep silence from inside. A creative and inspiring silence emerges, a space where time stops and converts oneself into totality.

I plan to continue making a difference by trying to be a better person every day. My advice to fellow artists wanting to do the same would be, “be true, be daring, believe in you and in your work and always work with love in anything you do”.


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