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As the Moon goes around the Earth by Steve Ashcroft (UK)

Peace means many things to many people.  Peace is a word often used in this world of ours but actions speak louder than words, or they should. It seems peace is often ignored, and a war of words and action is the only way to achieve this. Many songs have been written on both subjects: we hope this one gives the right message.

Will it make a difference ? Only time can tell. Maybe someone somewhere will hear what we are conveying within the lyrics and melody. That we are all in this together is just part of the message. It may change attitudes in world circles, but we guess this is the dream of all song writers who write about peace and war.

We are no different. Looking at our world amongst the vast universe shows how small and insignificant it really is.  We are cosmic travellers in space, still with many lessons to learn, and the main one is that we are all in this together.  

We are children of a star, where the colour of your skin should not matter. Peace is there for everyone to have and enjoy, just as surely the song 'As the Moon Goes Around the Earth' and this earth goes around the sun, in harmony and unity within the universe. This is our message to the world through song, for a peaceful existence.

During Steve’s 45-year career, he has successfully entertained audiences from small contemporary folk venues, many of Britain’s leading theatres, to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, sharing the stage with artistes including Jasper Carrott, Barbara Dickson, Hot Chocolate, Long John Baldry, Roy Wood, Talon, and especially good friend Raymond Froggatt.

Having recorded eleven albums to date, the quality of his music is unquestionable. Steve’s musical style has been carefully crafted to cater for a varied audience, blending original material with classic songs from genres as diverse as popular, new country, and contemporary folk.

Steve wrote this song together with his cousin Mike Thomas, and it is one of many on which they have collaborated over the years.


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