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Love by Revelation (Jamaica)

Updated: May 4, 2018

This world we live in is filled with emotions—what makes the difference is what we choose to do with them.

Emotions are very important to me. This world we live in is filled with emotions—what makes the difference is what we choose to do with them. We can choose to channel our emotions positively or negatively. Positive emotions are the option I choose because of the feelings people get from each other and the effect that positivity can have on people.

Each of us was born with a gift, whatever it may be. Music has been a big part of my life from an early age, and I have been inspired to create music about Peace

Peace and love mean everything to me. We know that in order to achieve Peace, we must first accomplish justice. Until all are free, none are free. This, in my opinion, signifies equality for all, and when there is equality for all, then the mission becomes one and the same for everyone, which is the upliftment of the human race. If we could accomplish this, then everybody’s purpose would be united.

There would be no more segregation, racism, etc. In other words, our sole purpose would be fulfilling the law of love, and this is the ultimate goal. This would bring us Peace.

When I was a child—about nine or ten years old—I formed a singing group with two of my friends. This was just the beginning of my love of sharing music. As I got older and began other pursuits and followed other interests, I still continued to sing.

In 2009, after recovering from a life-threatening motorcycle accident, I knew it was time to fulfil my calling. I took up the mantle and produced my first recording, called ‘Love’ … and from then, I’ve never looked back. There have been challenges, but to achieve my goals I know that I have to keep pushing. In essence, the desire to share Peace through music was always there.

I would encourage other musicians and artists to know that Peace is a becoming. We must pursue it, and it is obtainable. Music is a powerful medium—it transcends all borders. If we use it wisely, we can accomplish great things. Be the change you would love to see, … and just Love, Love, Love! Click here listen to 'Love' by Revelation.


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