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Act Together by Chango (Haiti)

Growing up, I was privileged to have parents that reiterated and practiced the importance of community and solidarity. And from a young age, when sibling disputes would arise my mother reminded us of the value of compassion and would encourage us to be vessels of light and peace to bring about change for the future, however uncertain and precarious it looked.

These personal experiences really shaped the way I perceive the world today and have ultimately had an influence in the music I produce.

Although we are all diverse in many ways, be it through our religious beliefs or personal opinions, we ultimately share the same experience of humanity and what it means to inhabit this earth.

As a result of the current global crisis we are facing, now more than ever it is important to be aware of our contributing roles in the functioning of our society.

My piece entitled “Act together”, is an invitation to all citizens throughout the world to come together and work in unison with the shared mission, to promote stability on this earth. As we are currently seeing, egoism and selfishness will not get us anywhere, the lyrics within my song “all for one and one for all” really drives home this message that we all must follow.

As an artist, one of my main motivations for creating music is to positively impact the world, particularly the community that I grew up within in Haiti.

The people of Haiti have suffered for a long time, and my greatest motivation is to utilise my music to invoke hope and positivity within my community.

The messages within my music centre around promoting a more peaceful world, and I believe people of all ages and from all cultures are receptive to this.

For myself, the covid-crisis posed itself to me as both a challenge and opportunity for societal change. The challenges have centred around the production processes and being unable to access a studio to bring my musical ideas to life. The absence of face-face human interaction has also been detrimental, as the audience and their reactions play such a fundamental role in music. Despite these personal challenges, I acknowledge that the crisis represents a new base for humanity to approach life with a clearer, more selfless perspective, to establish a more harmonious society, which “Act Together” reiterates.


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