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A New Renaissance by Donna M. Woods (USA)

I wish to call attention to the dire need for artist involvement in global matters.

In ancient times art and philosophy were revered by society. The artisans and craftsmen challenged and enlightened the population by engaging the imagination while philosophers provoked serious contemplation, which also led to intellectual and spiritual growth.

Throughout the ages the creative and intellectual process have nurtured and sustained it’s Citizens, and our current society so desperately needs a new renaissance.

The science of creativity is not the most important factor here, although science is important, it is merely a topic to be discussed at a later date. I believe it is imperative to stay the course and highlight the benefits of being a World Citizen Artist.

I wish to bring everyone’s attention to the magnificent ability of the Arts (visual arts, dance, music and written word) to soothe, heal and fortify the human spirit. A brief glimpse into the determined actions of a group of children living in a challenging environment is

evidence of the power of creativity, and it should spur us all to take action: Art is not only for the elite it is for everyone who has the desire to create. We have a responsibility as World Citizen Artist, to assist in changing the world by giving a voice to those who have been silenced for too long.

It should not matter if an individual is self-taught or professionally trained, what matters is that the creative voice is heard. As a Global Art Community we have a responsibility and a commitment to bring about a new Renaissance.

I am a Californian artist whose career spans over forty-years. I have participated in a number of individual and group shows throughout California and Canada, acting as visiting curator for small galleries and Universities.

In 1999, I had the good fortune of being represented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Sales and Rental Gallery, as an emerging artist I experience exposure to corporations and private collectors during that time. I am a dedicated artist and art educator who enjoys working in stone, mix- media, assemblage, water-colour and photography.


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