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How to Participate

Our campaign consists in presenting world citizens from all over the world with a message of peace. To participate, all you have to do is take a selfie with your peace message.


1)  Write your message in big letters on paperfabric, wood, metalsand, or somewhere visible on the photo, so people can easily read it on a cell phone and see that it's not just a photo montage of us, but real voices of people. Please make sure your message respects our values.


2) Remember that you want to make a difference for peace, so your peace message and yourself should be highly visible.

3) The more colorful and creative it is, the more effective it is likely to be.

4) Keep your camera straight.

5) Take your selfie and send it to our team at: after signing the World Citizen Artists photograph release form.

Help us spread the word! 


Ask friends or relatives who are working for peace and would like us to introduce them.

The more people who work for peace, the more power peace will get! We may not have the power to decide, but together we have the power to create solidarity!

*Please note that WCA can only publish articles and images fit for publication. WCA reserves the right to publish or not at its sole discretion.

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