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World Citizen Artists is one of the many communities currently promoting humanitarian and social issues. But WCA is different. We don’t just talk about solidarity, peace, climate change, and other causes we believe are worth highlighting — we get out there and do something to generate tangible change! 


We partner with like-minded foundations who share our vision and encourage artists and musicians to use their talents to create impactful works that will inspire. Through this creative medium, we work to raise awareness for multiple humanitarian causes and struggling communities - aiding them.  


Furthermore, we recognize the valiant efforts of creative minds both within and outside of our community through Awards schemes and events. 


When you join the WCA family and make a donation, you are joining us on the front lines — fighting for peace, not war! Here’s how you can help us make a difference …

Help Us Make a Difference 

Running WCA activities requires a lot of research, preparation, technical equipment and skills. Furthermore, within our efforts to raise awareness about worldwide issues, we utilise social media and a community newsletter - both requiring web tools, website maintenance and an advertising budget. For these reasons we are asking for your donations. 


With your help, our community can continue to grow, hosting more initiatives and consequently making a larger global impact. Donating really does make a difference! 


​Although we are a community interest company, WCA has only just been restarted this year. Thus, our running costs are not currently supported by any companies or grants. By donating, you will directly contribute to the World Citizen Artists activities and announcements, and keep us on the front lines.