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By supporting World Citizen Artists, you’ll be a part of a resource that will break down the language barriers around the world and help to build better humanity for generations to come. 

Bringing about change or getting people to alter their thinking is no easy feat and requires a lot of creativity and effort. We've been running for seven years and faced many challenges, all while making an impact on artists' lives and the next generation – without allocating much in monetary resources, but unfortunately, there are limits to what we can achieve on our own when resources are very limited.

Running WCA activities requires a lot of research, preparation, technical equipment, and skills. Furthermore, within our efforts to raise awareness about worldwide issues, we utilize social media and a community newsletter - both requiring web tools, website maintenance, and an advertising budget. For these reasons, we are asking for your donations. 


With your help, our community can continue to grow, hosting more initiatives and consequently making a larger global impact. Donating really does make a difference! 


​Although we are a community interest company, WCA is operating on unpaid volunteers, and all donations and funding that go to our running costs are not currently sufficient. By donating, you will directly contribute to the World Citizen Artists initiatives, and keep us on the front lines.