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Send the Wind by The Durgas (Germany)

Updated: May 4, 2018

The brothers were raised partly in West Africa, and they wanted to bring some of the music they grew up with, mixed subtly with rock and roll.

Benji Simmersbach (The Durgas)

This album is a result of many efforts and has been recorded in Budapest, Los Angeles, Big Island, and San Francisco.

In only two days, we the basic tracks of the album with the help of young students ages 13 to 18 who learned the art of record engineering. The only problem was the children could only speak Hungarian.

It was kind of hard because after recording we put our thumbs up to see if it was good, and they thought it meant ‘turn up the volume'. But the irony is that this is what makes the album so good.

Patrick, the brother who lives with his family in Waimea and chooses to not to tour with us, was sent the recording via “new technology,” AKA “Dropbox.

It’s a lot cheaper to record here (in Hawaii) than to get a plane ticket. I played my guitar over their tracks, and sent it back to them. I’m amazed at the results.

The cover of the CD has an interesting photo from the Ukraine and the title for the album was already chosen from one of our songs 'Digging in the Fire'.

These were amazing photos that started out as selfies and became acute photos from the demonstrations that became more intense in the Ukraine. One of the photos really stood out and embodied the title of the album. We contacted the student who took it and he let us use the photo as a cover.

For decades, The Durgas have volunteered on projects bringing their music and energy to areas of conflict. They have done several tours of the Burma border playing for refugee and migrant children, have performed in Kosovo, Bosnia and areas around the world.

'Send The Wind' was written for the feature documentary 'Into The Current'. It is a song describing the need to Peace.


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