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Peace with Myself by Fatna Hamid (Algeria)

I spent last August crying in front of my computer every day, looking at footage of children who were victims of war. I could not do anything except make poems that they really did not need. It’s a useless way to say stop, but I never gave up trying to say it in such a deaf world and I painted everything that inspires me about peace.

The word peace is stronger and more powerful than any other word. Its opposites are the words war, domination, oppression and tyranny.  That is what the media could not show or explain.

Peace with Myself by Fatna Hamid

We could have the power of peace that recognizes human existence in life by giving it dignity, pride and freedom. This kind of peace, that acknowledges humanity, is a small part of world peace which gives harmony between the universe and life. How I wonder where the peace we need in such a stressful world is!

God almighty is peace and from him we receive peace. He creates human existence not for war and hate and rancour but for the most beautiful purpose – that is love. Love is the junction between God and us and between people themselves. Our life is not just futility, spoilt by people spreading hate, war and making enemies.

Injustice fans the flames of war and destroys the values of humanity. Poverty, war, sickness and disease are all caused by people.  People must review their actions and correct things for the sake of humanitarian peace, renewing their awareness of the spirit of peace and harmony in the world.

We hope for a future without war and without disease, without poverty and oppression, without displacement and loss of dignity, and those who seek the light on the road will reach their beautiful dreams. By giving compassion, tolerance and tenderness to humanity we realize the biggest work ever in human life – that is peace.


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