I Believe Education is the Key by Nomfusi (South Africa)

I believe artists have always been and will always be ambassadors for the peoples’ needs – that can be on the emotional and private side as well on a political or environmental side.

I believe I can give hope to my community by sharing my story and motivate them to not give up, to fight for a better life and conditions. It is important to show and teach my community that they do not pity themselves.

I want to encourage them that there is a way out of poverty or their struggle and in the same I want to point out that we have to be.

Yes there is a way out of poverty but its not easy and it is a challenge you need to be prepared for.  You will find yourself fighting and competing with the establishment and system.

You are thrown and born into heavy conditions, poverty and struggle – it is a challenge to find the way out as often it seems there is none.
I feel strongly dedicated to women´s and children rights. They often are the victims of the society and are violated.  Most of the women in family died of HIV Aids – so I wish to protect other women and men from getting infected by talking about the matter and educating others about it. Especially women need to know and be aware of how to protect themselves. There are many rumors and wrong stories about the disease and we need to clear and tell people the truth how it is transmitted so they can be save. Through my message, I will dedicate myself to support education because I believe education is the key to fight poverty and suffering. In the same time I want to give joy and happiness through my music. My music is happy and also talks about the daily matters in our lives. It’s like the the four seasons of a year.