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Citizen of the World by BélO (Haiti)

Being involved in many humanitarian causes, I always wanted to join a world movement that is related to humanitarian causes. When I saw the “World Citizen Artists competition” announcement, I felt that I had to apply and enter my song “Citizen of the World”.  

I created this song in March 2013 because I believe that Citizen of the World identifies each continent as its own individual entity then merges them into one body.

Bringing to the forefront the issue of disunity, and pointing out the fact that we are all part of “One planet, One silhouette.” The lyric reinforces the vision that people all over the world are connected. No matter where we land, we are home.

We are citizens of the world.

The strong message promotes global peace, and unity among the people throughout the world. This planet belongs to us, and as its inhabitants, we need to nurture and protect the love and peace that comes with the responsibility of being citizens of the world. The rhythm is sensual as well as spiritual. The melody mimics a stroll across the nations. The beauty of the stroll is that each country that is visited feels like home. There is no hostility or intimidation, but there is acceptance and peace.  If we close our eyes and bring the words to life in our mind, we can actually feel ourselves soaring throughout the world. We all share the same stamp on our passports as citizens of the world.

Citizen of the World purpose is to plant the seed of global peace and unity in the minds of the listeners. Music has a way of bringing individuals together in times of crisis and pain, as well as times of joy and triumph. This particular song reminds us that unity and peace are on the horizon. We can all come together and live as one people. Citizen of the World has the power to connect us all, “One big ocean, One vibration”.

BélO has been hailed as Haiti’s musical Ambassador to the world. A socially conscious singer-songwriter with a sophisticated sound and winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious “Prix Radio France International Discoveries of 2006,” BelO’s sound is a sublime mixture of Jazz, Worldbeat, Rock, Reggae and Afro- Haitian traditional rhythms known as “Ragganga”. With the two albums already under his belt-“LAKOU TRANKIL” (2005) and “REFERENCE” (2008)-sung in his rich and colourful native language, Haitian Creole, BélO has established himself as a Haitian-International artist signpost. After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, BélO ‘s primary focus was to create awareness for his country at various performances around the world. BélO ‘s third album “HAITI DEBOUT,” (Haiti Stand-up -2011) was released under Radio France/France Info and distributed, globally, by Harmonia Mundi. During the ” HAITI DEBOUT ” tour, BélO has performed in Germany, Rome, Romania, France, South Korea, London, Canada and the U.S. BélO has always been very committed to the cause of the less fortunate, the education of children, respect for women, social solidarity and environmental protection, peace in Haiti and around the world.

The earthquake, which devastated his country, gives more strength to his commitment and intensifies the messages he conveys in his songs.

BélO was invited to participate at the Center Stage month tour (Oct-Nov 2012) in the U.S. Center Stage is a public diplomacy initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. During the Center Stage tour, BélO performed and conducted numerous seminars across America.


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