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#OneSkyAbove by Amen BK (Tunisia)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

We all have similarities as well as differences. Our similarities unite us, and our differences are something to be celebrated.

I remember watching the Olympics for the first time as a child. I was thrilled by the fact that people from almost every corner of this planet could peacefully be in one setting despite all barriers. This was the earliest time that I saw myself first as a human being, a world citizen, before all else.

'OneSkyAbove' is a song that promotes unity and coexistence. We are one planet, one human race under one sky. I have always believed that we, as a human race, are able to see beyond our differences and that love is the unspoken universal language. Our cultural differences should be embraced, as they can empower us. It takes a full spectrum of colours to make a beautiful rainbow. We can partner together and coexist, peacefully united.

In 2011, I experienced the Arab spring in Tunisia, and I witnessed atrocities that strengthened my determination and my faith in Peace.

Seeing these things, I understood that violence will only create further chaos. Since then, I have felt the moral obligation to stand for Peace and strive to spread a positive message, even if just one song at a time. Music is a powerful tool for change.

'OneSkyAbove' celebrates what makes us unique as well as what joins us together. The joys of dancing and the effects of poverty—these things are experienced by people all over the world. Whether we have visited the pyramids in Egypt or floated down the Niger river on a boat or driven down Route 66 in the United States, we can be connected as we discover each other’s cultures and learn tolerance and acceptance.

Today, we, as artists, have the responsibility to inspire the world to achieve more Peace. We are responsible for setting an example for future generations. We are capable of changing the status quo. Bob Marley set an example, and so did John Lennon. We can follow their steps and spread the message of Peace for a better tomorrow.


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