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We'd like to thank all contributors who support our mission to raise awareness of social issues important to our community

by donating their skills, time, space, or regular donations to World Citizen Artists.


Without you, our vision wouldn't be possible.

If you aren’t a member yet and would like to join us, please click here.


Bob Marley Foundation


Playing For Change Foundation

Bristol Students Union

S&P Global

Belgravia Gallery

Issuu World's Leading Digital Platform

Emmanuel Jal | Hip Hop Artist & Nonprofit Founder

Safe Passage Nonprofit

Humanity Crew Nonprofit

PeaceDay365 Nonprofit

Fat Freddy's Drop Music Band

Anne McCann | Partner, The Change Navigators

Yosvany Terry | Saxophonist, Composer

BélO | Composer, Singer, Guitarist

Gua Africa Nonprofit

Marta Gomez | Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Delphine, Music Ambassador, Singer, Producer

Oscar Jimenez | Composer, Singer, Community Leaders

Lisa Kristine | Documentary Photographer

Peter Caton | Documentary Photographer

Tim Page | Documentary Photographer

Luke Duggleby | Documentary Photographer

Recycled Orchestra of Cateura | Music Nonprofit

Faces Up | Art Nonprofit

Cliff Cockerham | Climate Emergency Coalition

Emma Gunn Mental Health Nonprofit Founder

The Durgas | Rock Band, Activists

The F-List UK Female Music Community

The Blue Fret | Music 

Ek Ek Paila Foundation | Health Nonprofit

AIM Nonprofit

ESSA Nonprofit

Lili del Sol | Composer, Singer

Gutti Hip Hop Artist, Activist

Lucia Merico | Composer, Singer

George Nuku | Environmental Visual Artist

Jobarteh Kunda Musician, Storyteller

Anne Mwiti | Visual Artist

Edina Seleskovic | Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

Sonam Dolma Brauen | Visual Artist

Marianne Weineck | Sculptor

Yuni Ko | Visual Artist 

Monica Brinkman | Visual Artist

Ssekitto Kalule Emmanuel | Visual Artist,Nonprofit Founder

Subajah | Reggae Artist

Masauko | Singer, Nonprofit Founder

Moussa Dembele | Musician, Teacher, Craftsman of West African instruments

Russ Parrish | Composer, Singer, Guitarist

Rebel Layonn | Reggae Artist

Hannah's Feld | Reggae Band

Tomer George | Cross-Cultural Band

Gultekin Bilge | Visual Artists

Cara Tower | Composer, Singer

Cécile Frangi | Singer-Songwriter

Pedro Carneiro | Pianist, Composer

Kat & Tony | Composers, Musicians, Activists

Daniel Haselwanter | Composer, Singer, Guitarist

Chango Reggae Artist

Paula Herrera Songrwiter, Singer

Russ Parrish Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Daniel Roure | Pianist, Composer, Vocalist

Atman Khanal | Musician, Meditation, Yoga

Ricardo Moura Guitarist, Singer

Uriel Natero | Composer, Pianist

Andrea Templon | Jazz Vocalist

Evon Mwale Singer

Tasha T Reggae Artist

Isa Mebarak | Musician

Carlethal | Hip Hop Artist

Lina Lamara | Composer, Singer, Actress, Producer

Tamara Galloway | Composer, Singer

Joy Katzen-Guthrie | Musician

Julia Titus | Singer

Annie de Lorimier | Cellist

Sara Thomsen | Musician

Malu Jimenez | Musician

Troi Parker-Roth | Musician

Evon Mwale | Singer

Nancy Bechtol Photographer, Activist

Gordon Sutherland | Photograher

Tammy Groves Thornton | Visual Artist

Delaine Cools | Visual Artist

Pepe Piedra  |Visual Artists

Fayez Assaf | Visual Artist

Alisa Teletovic | Visual Artist

Nikoletta Antonopoulou | Visual Artist

Ger Costelloe Songrwiter, Singer

Jada Reese | Singer, Songwriter

Aziza Alaoui | Visual Artist

Kathryn Hart  |Visual Artist

Hannah Boraden | Visual Artist

Rachel Citrino | Visual Artist

Karey Maurice | Visual Artist

Valerie Catoire | Visual Artist

Pauline Jean Songwriter, Singer

Patricia Roncone  |Visual Artist 

Taskin Butt | Visual Artist

Aziz Anzabi | Visual Artist

Donna Maria Woods | Visual Artist

Songul Yilmaz Meier | Visual Artist

Claudia Lüthi | Visual Artist 

Philip Brent Harris | Visual Artist

Cachin Selis | Musician

Kaori Tommasoni | Visual Artist

Sheryl  |Visual Artist 

Christopher Evans | Visual Artist

Colin Mashyia | Visual Artist, Activist

Marie-Denise | Douyon Visual Artist

Dylan | Visual Artist

Isabelle Marie | Visual Artist

Song Ryan Moon | Visual Artist

Celine Raphael Leygues | Visual Artist

Dorsi Diaz | Visual Artist

Emily Wiseman  Visu|al Artist

Sema Çulam l Visual Artist

Caroline Stubbs l Visual Artist

Kleya Forte-Escamilla | Visual Artist

Prakash Bal Joshi Visual Artist

Fatna | Visual Artist

Anya Lauchlan | Visual Artist

Rickey Lewis  |Visual Artist

Jeff Roland | Visual Artist

Theo Burtick | Visual Artist

Nolvenn Le Goff | Visual Artist

Art Sanchez Visual Artist

Recycled Orchestra of Cateura | Music Nonprofit

Faces Up | Art Nonprofit

Cliff Cockerham | Climate Emergency Coalition

Emma Gunn Mental Health Nonprofit

Cliff Cockerman | Climate Artist - Curator - Researcher

Fionah Njeri | Climate Activist

Clive Donnley | Peace & Climate Activist

Victor Henu Climate Activist

Lamech Opiyo Climate Activist

Claire Gao Pei | climate, sustainability, and energy Representative of the Y20, U.S. delegation to the G20 Youth Summit

Lynnette Curtis | Quantum Anthropologist, Musician

Gessienne Grey | World Citizen

Nicholas Omondi | World Citizen

Julian Warmington | Climate

Jan Pribyl | World Citizen

Michele Burnett | World Citizen

Atman Khanal | World Citizen

Hannah Grier | World Citizen

Claire Seo | World Citizen

Smeeta Bhoomik | World Citizen

Craig Billings | World Citizen

Jack Larrson  | World Citizen

carmine spizuoco | World Citizen

Deanne Hardwick | World Citizen

Hannah Gardiner | World Citizen

Daniela Bodero | World Citizen

Constance Douglas | World Citizen

Nela Trifkovic | World Citizen

Emma Ansell | World Citizen

Mariam Avakova | World Citizen

Willem Harrison Barraclough | World Citizen

Surabhi Agashe | World Citizen

Emelye Goult | World Citizen

Alexei Michalopoulos | World Citizen

Alba Moral Foster | World Citizen

Chantal Esperance | World Citizen

Jackson Buzingo | World Citizen

Rajib Ghosal | World Citizen

Becky Crowther | World Citizen

Julian Harrison | World Citizen

Tilda Hadley | World Citizen

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