Frequently Asked Questions


World Citizen Artists is a community and community interest company that harnesses the power of art and music to promote humanitarian issues.


WCA was initially headquartered in Paris, and moved to London in 2020. Our team is based in different parts of the world.


How can I take part? Become a member, join our social media channels and spread the word! 
How do I become a member? We would love for you to become part of the WCA family! Members can join in three easy steps and will receive special access to a members-only newsletter, the latest updates regarding the WCA team and more. Visit our membership page for details. 
How do I participate in the Awards? Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed on our competitions. 
How do I donate? Currently we accept donations through PayPal. Click here to visit our donation page for details. 
How can I spread the word online? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sharing our posts with your online friends helps us spread the message of Peace! 
Do you represent artists? WCA does not act as an artist agency, representative or a production company although we do share humanitarian messages created by our Award recipients by including their winning song or artwork on our website and social media. Unlike agencies, WCA doesn’t represent the artist but promotes the artist’s humanitarian message. 
Do you organise concerts and exhibitions? WCA occasionally partners with event organisers for the World Citizen Artists Awards. 
How can I be featured in WCA’s online magazine, Artist Voices? WCA is very selective about the artists featured in Artist Voices. These artists are usually Award recipients, occasionally finalists, and on some occasions members can apply. Artists who are being featured in Artist Voices are provided with a list of questions which provide the information necessary to prepare an article. The Artist Voices editor determines the final content of all articles. Artists may choose to withdraw their opportunity to be featured in an article. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay current with our online magazine updates and to be aware of special opportunities to apply.


What access do I have? WCA welcomes both artists and non-artists to listen to our SoundCloud albums, read Artist Voices and visit our Awards channel. How can I contribute? Become a member of the WCA family, send a donation or become a volunteer.


You can contact our coordinators via and send a description of your charity and let us know what you need. We will check with our members to see if anyone is interested in supporting your charity using their art or music.
Please note that WCA receives many requests and is very selective with the charities they connect with artists. Charities must be able to demonstrate that they have a track record of making a noticeable impact in a humanitarian cause. We are looking for more than just a large following or fan base from the charities we work with — we want action!


WCA is very open-minded when it comes to new skills or talents that can help grow our community. Follow us on social media to find out when we have positions open, and don’t hesitate to send your CV and/or social media profile to When we have a position available that suits your profile, you will be contacted by us. If you have additional questions, please send us an email! *Please note that we only accept artists' applications who have useful professional skills. We do not accept physical art or music as part of our volunteering program.


How can I become a Solidarity Partner? WCA Solidarity Partners have an impeccable and proven track record for inspiring positive change in the World. Our solidarity partners include famous artists, non profit organisations, ethical companies and media. I am an artist/non-profit organisation, would WCA support my charity events/project as a solidarity partner? If you are an artist or a non-profit organisation and would like WCA to support your event/project, we suggest you join our membership program and send us your proposal so you can apply as a member. Please note that all events supported by WCA must respect our ethos, promote one of the topics WCA supports and act as fundraisers for WCA. If WCA approves your event/project, you will be able to use the WCA membership logo in your (approved) event communication. Please note that WCA is a nonprofit organisation and will only collaborate with artists/non-profit organisations who respect its ethos, therefore, if your event turns out to be for self promotion only or disrespect the WCA ethos, we reserve the right to withdraw the WCA brand from the event at any stage. When using the WCA brand, you will be required to provide full transparency on every step of your project.


What are the ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’? The ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’ pay tribute to artists, musicians and creatives World Citizen Artists regularly selects Awardees whom we have noticed. These Awardees are artists, musicians and creatives who have already made a real humanitarian difference in the World through their work. Occasionally, we organise competitions through which artists, musicians and creatives have an opportunity to become Awardees by demonstrating the humanitarian impact they are creating through their work. What is the 'One for All' Awards initiative? ' One for All' is the most challenging Awards initiative as it is on a specific theme each time. The theme is related to local non profit organisations that WCA carefully selects. The NGOs receive a portion of the minimum $1 entry fees to support their work to create positive change and impact lives. Recognition: WCA is always looking for the next artists who will make history as an ambassador of the specific humanitarian cause for which One for All stands. As there is a minimum $1 entry fee, applicants receive a Free WCA membership as proof of their generosity as well as their commitment to WCA.
What is the 'Compete for Peace - Not War' Awards initiative? ' Compete for Peace - Not War' is the most competitive Awards initiative because many artists apply due to the free entry. The theme is also widely known and most artists therefore have their work ready to be sent. Compete for Peace – Not War involves renowned partners who are often celebrities. The winners and finalists are welcome to attend a culminating event (music or visual art), which is held in a prestigious venue with a humanitarian agenda. Recognition: WCA is always seeking the next artists who will make history in being the WCA ambassador of Peace for this generation and generations to come. The Awards recipients and finalists are welcome to attend a culminating event (music or visual art), which is held in a prestigious venue with a humanitarian agenda. What is a WCA Non-Competitive Award? WCA regularly nominates Awards recipients as a recognition of their great humanitarian work. Anyone in the WCA Solidarity Partners can suggest a nominee but artists and partners cannot apply for themselves. Recognition: WCA is always searching for the most unusual artists and projects who will make history in the humanitarian World for this generation and generations to come. Artists who are awarded by the non-competitive awards are being recognized for their unique art piece or song that touches millions of hearts. Are the ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’ related to ‘World Citizen Artists’? World Citizen Artists is the non profit organisation and community and the World Citizen Artists Awards is the online channel and the organisers of the competitions. When will you have a new competition? We're currently assessing our next activities. You will be notified by newsletter in due time. Don’t forget to enter your details below so we can keep you informed on the Awards and future competitions! Can partners, artists featured in Artist Voices, and Members apply? Partners can apply as long as they’re not partnering with us on the competition for which they want to apply. Artists featured in Artist Voices and Members can apply for every competition.


How is WCA funded? World Citizen Artists is currently 80% supported by its founder Valerie Won Lee and 20% supported by individual donations. Since WCA has started, the goal has been to build the right community and preserve its ethics before looking for funding and sponsorship. Do Solidarity Partners contribute to the funding/sponsorship of WCA activities? WCA Solidarity Partners occasionally sponsor WCA events by invitating Award recipients and finalists but it does not include any financial involvement. Can I fundraise for WCA as a Member? Yes, if your project aligns with what we do, you can send us a collaboration request to and if your initiative is approved, you will be able to use your membership in the communication for your event. Are you looking for funders or sponsors? Yes, we are now starting to look for funders and sponsors in order expend our community and launch more activities in a near future. Potential funders and sponsors are welcome to contact us at (subject: Funding/Sponsorship).


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